Attitude Adjustment


“You HAVE to read half an hour every day.”

“You’re NEVER going to be a good reader at this rate.”

“Don’t forget to do your reading today. You HAVE to finish your reading log.”

“Quiet down, or I’m going to turn off that television and MAKE you read.”

“We don’t have time to read tonight. It’s late.”

Tell the truth. Do any of these sound familiar?  How many times has “reading” taken a backseat or become a punishment? Someone needs an attitude adjustment – and it just might be you! Developing a positive attitude about reading starts early, but it’s NEVER too late to start.

Put yourself in your child’s shoes. What do they want?  Attention, to stay up later, to get something at the store? That’s a good place to start. A few easy steps can go a long way toward changing attitudes.

Attention: Every child craves attention. In our busy lives it is often difficult to take the time to give our children the attention they need. BUT… all it takes is fifteen minutes a day to read to your child. That’s it. Fifteen minutes. Make it a priority to end every day with a few quality moments. You won’t be sorry.

Staying up late: Make books a reward, not a punishment. What child wouldn’t jump at the chance to hide under the covers with a flashlight and a good book? Use a fun timer to signal end time. Allowing them to indulge in this simple pleasure while viewing it as a treat will have a positive effect on their attitude about books. And, it just might make bedtime a little easier.

Goodies:  Every kid wants something at the store, right? Why not make your “treat” a book?

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One thought on “Attitude Adjustment

  1. Great post! This is precisely what we did with our eldest who didn’t enjoy reading. We never pushed her to do her reading homework because we feared it would put her off reading altogether. She was way behind the rest of her class for two and a half years but has caught up and surpassed most of them–and best of all, she now loves reading! And like you suggested, we made reading a reward. Most nights we read her 4 picture books before bedtime. It was a bit indulgent but it also helped to develop her love of books.

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