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I will be looking for authors and/or educators interested in contributing to the site with blog posts, interviews, videos, podcasts, etc. This site is not about reading instruction, but enjoying books, building relationships, and changing attitudes. It will, we hope, help you make a difference in kids’ lives and your own.

If you are interested in contributing to the site, send me a message on the About Us/Contact page

It is my hope that authors will welcome the opportunity to share their expertise and passion with other adults who strive to inspire children. Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

                Location, location, location:  reading in dif places:  tree house? bathtub? under a blanket tent? reading picnic?

                The art of storytelling – modeling read-alouds with your books

                Connection of stories and music

                 Cherish books – share your childhood memories

                 Silliness sells

                 Art activities for extending stories

                Games for extending stories

                 Encouraging without intimidating

                Fun with rhyme

                Non-fiction fun

                Books and family values

                Minimizing intimidation factor

                Books and movies

                Author visits: bookstores, libraries, YouTube

                Book scavenger hunt

                Books and geography

                Incorporate books into daily life; ex: read about the museum before your trip

                Skype reading time with grandparents or other relatives/friends

                Write/read connection

                Researching an interest

                Rewards with books; ex: stay up late to read a book; books as special gifts, etc.

                Choosing the right books for your kids

                Games with books

                Modeling a love for the written word

                Art and Books: encouraging your child to be the illustrator

                Extending text

                Make reading fun – dramatic reading

                Make reading fun – choral reading

                Making reading fun – echo reading

                Making reading fun – puppets

I would love to hear your ideas, as well. Please CONTACT HERE.


4 thoughts on “Author Submissions

  1. I love your idea of posting a contact for post submissions. Awesome!

  2. I love all these fun ideas to encourage reading!
    With all the technology constantly being shoved down kids’ throats I think picking up a book can sometimes be overlooked, which is sad…
    I think reading should be encourage outside of the classroom more often. Book clubs, poetry reading, and creative writing clubs can easily be found at a high school level or also available for adults but rarely for young elementary level children which is where I believe the true love for reading and creative writing take root.
    I think there are some great ideas and resources available here on this site.
    Thank you!

  3. These are quite fab. ideas, Cindy.Splendid to meet your site & you via Elaine & KIDLIT 411. Love the puppet & storytelling suggestions.

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